e-SEA® Switchboard

e-SEA® Switchboard is our product range of AC-switchboards and comprises main- and emergency switchboards, distribution boards, starters and MCCs as well as shore connection cabinets.

Switchboards are available in various voltage ranges and come in different layouts to suit your demands.

Our switchboards may comprise sophisticated generator control, advanced coordinated protections as well as easy and reliable interfaces towards other systems.

The e-SEA® Switchboard offering is available as a standalone product fit for purpose and tailored to fit customer’s needs. It is also used as an important building block together with our other products in the integrated e-SEAMatic® BLUE solutions for fully electric or hybrid vessels which typically involves battery systems and fuel cells.

Our switchboards are designed and developed for the maritime market. When buying an e-SEA® Switchboard, you benefit from our know-how and long experience with demanding marine applications.


Our switchboards are built according to your specification and relevant standards such as IEC61439 and applicable Class rules for classification of ships. You will receive all necessary documentation as a part of the package.

System analysis

As a part of our e-SEA® Switchboard delivery, we can also provide system analysis as required. These may include short-circuit analysis, harmonic analysis, selectivity and discrimination studies and load flow analysis.


Either used as a standalone switchboard with tailored interface or as a part of an integrated system delivery, our knowledge and experience make the e-SEA® Switchboard a perfect choice for your need.

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