Our fully electric system integrations are the optimal way of combining modern technology, advanced maritime knowledge and efficient project execution to achieve zero emission vessels.

The e-SEAMatic® BLUE fully electric solutions comprise an integration of our sophisticated control system e-SEAMatic® EPMS, our powerful e-SEA® Drive for energy conversion together with a reliable battery system and e-SEA® Switchboard for distribution. Together with our expertise and know-how on fully electric operation and maritime integration, it is an award-winning combination.

In addition to achieving zero emissions from your operations, several other benefits come along: Reduced operational cost and maintenance cost. In short, an efficient, well-proven and reliable way of operating your ships!

Our charging solutions provide efficient and effective ways to recharge the battery either between routes or overnight. We provide complete system integration where our technology may be tailored to fit your needs!


Prepare to take the next step and make your fleet zero-emission by utilizing our well proven e-SEAMatic® BLUE integrated solutions.

Optimize operation cost and maintenance

Our reliable e-SEAMatic® BLUE integrated solutions provide you with the most energy efficient combination which will reduce both operational- and maintenance cost.

Advanced and optimized control

Our advanced control system, drives and switchboards provide you with the next level of reliable ship systems. Remember to ask us for our digital solutions to improve your fleet overview as well!