Zero-Emission Tugs

Imagine a clean and silent harbor tug service – no exhaust, no smoke, no smell and no emissions. Imagine offering the World’s Greenest Tug Service.

A fully electric, battery-only Tug

The technology and solutions are already here, and we have the products, systems and experience to make it a reality.

Charge at quay, or swap batteries at quay.

Whether you like our Onshore Charging Stations or our patented Battery Swap.

Whether you like battery only, or a hybrid system onboard.

Take the next step and make your fleet zero-emission by utilizing our knowledge, experience and well proven solutions. We are happy to help you realize your green ambitions.

Collaboration is key – together we can make it real.

We offer

  • Bridge
  • Maneuvering systems
  • Power Electric Systems
  • Automation System
  • Battery System

Complete with

  • System Integration
  • Onshore Charging Stations
  • Battery Swap

Interested in offering green tug services? Get in touch with us to get started!

Gisle Kevin

+47 905 79 130

Gisle Kevin