Our comprehensive portfolio of state of the art products for the maritime industry ranges from complete seamless systems to stand-alone products and concepts for machine safety.

e-SEAMatic® IAS

e-SEAMatic® IAS is our Integrated Automation System for handling any control and monitoring demand. All information in one place.

e-SEAMatic® EPMS

e-SEAMatic® EPMS is a sophisticated Energy- and Power Management System. Wide range of control task from conventional diesel electric vessels to hybrid, fully electric or even hydrogen plant.

e-SEA® Drive

e-SEA® Drive is our comprehensive product range of drives and state-of-art power electronics which can be used wherever there is a need for efficient energy conversion.

e-SEA® Switchboard

e-SEA® Switchboard is our product range of AC-switchboards and comprises main- and emergency switchboards, distribution boards, starters and MCCs as well as shore connection cabinets.


The Cronolog collects and makes your data available where you need it. It also presents key consumption and route data intuitively for the crew onboard.


Propulsion control systems series is the control system concept from SEAM dedicated for control, safety and monitoring of propulsion and maneuvering plants on board all kinds of marine vessels

Tailor-made products

Quality is closely tied to being fit for purpose! That is why we always strive to deliver products that are well suited to solve the tasks that the clients really ask for, applying for both new-build and retrofit projects.