Charging solutions

To complement our range of e-SEAMatic® BLUE fully electric and hybrid solutions, we also offer efficient charging solutions from shore to vessel.

Our e-SEAMatic® BLUE charging solutions comprise an integration of our sophisticated control system e-SEAMatic® EPMS and our powerful e-SEA® Drive for energy conversion. It may also be combined with a reliable battery system onshore if the public grid is unable to provide enough power. Or perhaps you would consider a fly wheel? We provide the optimal solutions for your charging needs!


Our long experience in developing hybrid and fully electric solutions for ships – this also includes the charging solutions to make sure that your vessel operates reliably at all times.

Energy efficiency and optimization

We know that charging your vessel is critical for your operation, and our solutions are both energy efficient and optimized for operational reliability.


As a part of our charging solutions we can deliver or integrate with several technologies for energy transfer such as plugs, automatic plugin-in systems (APS), pantographs and similar. Also make sure to check out our digital solutions to achieve full overview of your fleet energy consumption.