e-SEA® Bridge

The e-SEA® Bridge product range includes the Bridge Remote System, control desks and 3rd party navigation systems.

The e-SEA® Bridge product series can be offered as complimentary products to the SEAM energy efficient solutions from the e-SEA® BLUE series, or as stand-alone systems for bridge workplace management.

The e-SEA® Bridge system is successfully implemented as a workplace configurator where crew ergonomics and common dimming control of all bridge and navigation equipment is set up. 

e-SEA® Bridge is prepared to control 3rd party equipment such as e.g lights, CCTV systems, window wipers, and configure the operations of these based on operational conditions such as e.g weather, location, speed.


By integrating navigation functions and equipment into e-SEA® Bridge, safe and efficient operation of all bridge procedures are performed with a minimum of steps and movements.


e-SEA® Bridge is developed in close cooperation with navigators, using modern design methodologies for ensuring safe, ergonomic and efficient human-machine interaction.


e-SEA® Bridge is based on industrial standard operation systems and communication protocols, allowing the integration and custom configuration of systems into the platform.